The premiere fire prevention system

Fire Rover ensures the safety of your business by detecting and extinguishing fires before they start.

No More Fires. Ever.


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Detect. Extinguish. Protect.

Fire Rover is engineered with industry-leading technology to keep you safe:

Heat Detection

Cameras detect and pinpoint abnormal heat sources down to the size of a pixel. Includes temperature accuracy within 2 degrees Fahrenheit.

Remote Controlled Suppression

Powerfully dispenses up 20,000 gallons of eco-friendly, Class A-F, firefighting foam at 150 psi (up to 150 feet outdoors) with 343° rotation.

24/7 Live Monitoring

Our UL Listed monitoring station is equipped to detect fires at infancy stage, and activates the on-site suppression system 24/7.

DETECT: Heat Monitoring

Fire Rover utilizes the FLIR A310F Thermal Camera—able to pinpoint and detect hotspots within 2 degrees, before a fire flare-up. The FLIR A310F detects temperature variances 24/7, including in complete darkness.

EXTINGUISH: Fire Suppression System

The Fire Rover live-monitoring team is instantly alerted of a heat increase, and engages Fire Rover’s automated foam delivery system—extinguishing fires of all calibers, including metal, petroleum, plastic, agricultural, and waste fires.

PROTECT: Video Surveillance

Fire Rover’s operations team closely monitors any abnormal heat detected, so nothing is left to machine error.


After the fire is extinguished, you receive an email with a video clip of the incident and the Fire Rover eliminating the threat.

Upon purchase of the Fire Rover unit, you receive:

Custom Design and Site Survey

Installation and Integration

Lifetime Maintenance

Live Monitoring & Suppression with Incident Reports and Video Clips

Fire Rover Applications

Waste & Recycling

Industrial Equipment


Transfer Stations

Tipping Floors


Hazardous Material

Rubber Feedstock






Pre & Post Storage



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